Digital access tokens in your cryptocurrency wallet.

Get Started
Tokens give you special features and privileges based on the contents of your cryptocurrency wallet.
How It Works
Tokens can be represented in two ways…
…as something redeemable - think ‘digital gift certificate
Access Tokens
…or as an Access Token that gives holders entry to features, services or accounts they wouldn’t have access to otherwise.
Privacy Control
Control which wallet addresses are visible to the world.
Inventory Management
Browse and search your collection of access tokens.
Secure Access
Authentication using Token Controlled Access (TCA) is secure with cryptocurrency tech.
Why Use Tokens?

> Want to give supporters from your pre-sale access to exclusive updates to your project?
Create a token that controls access to a private blog or discussion forum and distribute to anyone who holds you pre-sale token.

> Are you an artist who wants to give early access to your followers?
Just create a token and give your followers instructions on how to retrieve it.

Token Controlled Access allows for limitless possibilities when engaging with your audience. Create acess tokens for games, business, or anything that provides value to someone.

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